MULTI-Tier architecture SOLUTIONS

Focusing on holistic solutions and services that gains continuous improvement within the contact center industry and back office processes.

Our Vision

 To become South Africa’s preferred BPO & KPO partner and system integrator of call center technology. 

Solutions & Services


Allow us to consult and advise you on the right solutions that will improve productivity within your working environment. Productivity improvements from as high as 300%. These additional gains will allow for increase in revenue by maximizing productivity with your current staff size. In addition enabling your staff to focus on your core business.

  • Consulting & System Training
  • Telecommunications
  • Bulk SMS Campaigns
  • Mobile APN Data SIM’s
  • VoIP & Cloud PBX
  • Cloud Hosting Services
  • Progressive & Predictive Dialer
  • Auto Voice Broadcasting AVM’s
  • International Voice Routing
  • Global Inbound DID’s phone numbers
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Our Strength Lies in Our Partnerships

WSS has partnered with the best service providers within our industry sector. Our network of service providers allow us to offer our clients a full end to end solution.

areas of EXPERTISE

what, where & how WSS is able to help

prodcut list


§  Consulting & system training

§  SMS campaigns (WASP|SMPP|HTTP|API)

§  Mobile SIM cards APN data

§  Wholesale carrier & VoIP call routing

§  Cloud PBX solutions

§  Auto dialer progressive & predictive

§  Bulk auto voice broadcasting AVM’s

§  International wholesale VoIP routes

§  Global DID’s inbound phone numbers

Business Outsourced Process

§  Inbound outsourcing campaigns

§  Outbound direct marketing sales campaigns

§  Lead generation campaigns

§  Debt collections & debt recovery work

§  Disaster recovery sites


§  Credit bureau services

§  POPI compliance services

§  Bulk data washing

§  Data cleansing

§  Consumer tracing systems

§  Database management & hosting software

§  Credit vetting with API’s

§  Lead generation for direct marketing

from Clients

Hi Wesley, I spoke to our client last night and he was very impressed with your passions and enthusiasm. I vouched for you so he will definitely utilize your services.


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